Common Denture Treatment Fee Guide

*Pricing is per denture or per treatment.

*We follow the College of Alberta Denturists Fee Guide

Full Oral Examination (Required for any new denture treatment): $132

Limited Oral Exam (Required for denture reline or secondary treatment): $78

Fixed Implant Retained Hybrid Denture (All on X):  $10,000

*(Includes Temporary Provisional Fixed Denture + Final Fixed Hybrid Denture with Titanium Bar)

*(Does not include placement of implants - Approx. $12-14,000)

Implant Denture with 2 Locator Implants:  $2980

*(Add $750 for a temporary immediate denture if implants were place during extractions)

*(Add $165 per additional Locator Implant)

*(Add $325 for cast metal framework for additional strength)

Standard Complete Denture: $1515

Premium Complete Denture:  $1665

Complex Complete Denture: $2653

Temporary Acrylic Partial Denture (Flipper):  $746

Standard Cast Partial Denture: $1625

Premium Cast Partial Denture:  $1775

Complex Cast Partial Denture: $2856

Immediate Complete Standard Denture:  $1775

Immediate Complete Premium Denture:  $1925

Immediate Complete Complex Denture:  $2828

Immediate Standard Cast Partial Denture:  $1775

Immediate Premium Cast Partial Denture:  $1925

Complete or Partial Denture Reline:  $476

Permanent Soft Reline (Complete Lower Denture): $290 or $839

Temporary Soft Reline/Tissue Conditioner:  $153

Basic Denture Repair - No Impression Required:  $136

Basic Complete Denture Repair - Impression Required:  $231

Basic Partial Denture Repair - Impression Required:  $275

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