Immediate Dentures are made in the Denture Clinic, delivered to the patient and then inserted into a patients mouth by a Dentist immediately following the removal of teeth. Immediate Dentures serve three main purposes:

  1. Protect the extraction sites
  2. Aid in healing (acts like a “bandaid”)
  3. Help a person adjust to eating and speaking

Studies have shown that patients who have Immediate Dentures inserted following extraction adjust to wearing dentures quicker than patients that choose alternative denture options. (The other option is to wait for a couple weeks for some initial healing to occur and then make a denture).

After an Immediate Denture has been inserted the Denturist will generally see the patient within a 24 hour period to examine the denture to determine if it needs to be adjusted in any way. This is followed by a series of soft reline/tissue conditioner appointments over a the next 9-12 month which are needed to stabilize the denture while the mouth heals and changes.

Immediate Dentures take two forms: Temporary or Permanent


Temporary Immediate Dentures are intended to only be used by a patient for about a year. They are nearly identical to a Permanent Immediate Denture, but the teeth used are of less quality and they are only about half the cost, but at the end of the year a new denture will have to be made at full cost. Patients who are concerned about the looks/esthetics of their dentures should consider this option.


Permanent Immediate Dentures are intended to be worn by a patient for the life of the denture, which is usually around 5 years. They are materials and teeth used when making them are carefully selected so that they will last during that time period and time is taken to replicate the looks/aesthetics that is wanted by the patient.


In most cases there is no way of trying the immediate denture(s) in the mouth before your extractions are completed. This may mean that aesthetic compromises have to be made so that the immediate denture will still be able to function. Immediate dentures are made to fit slightly loose in order to accommodate swelling that will occur when teeth are extracted.  As an immediate denture patient’s gums heal they will shrink and the denture will become even looser.  When this happens a temporary soft liner is added to the inside of the denture so that it will be stable and more retentive. Patients who receive immediate dentures need to visit their denturist on a regular basis for the first year, or about every 3 months.

If you have any questions about immediate dentures, give Burnham Denture Clinic a call and set up an appointment for a Free Consultation.