General Oral & Denture Exam

Before a denturist at Burnham Denture Clinic in Edmonton can begin denture treatment a General Oral and Denture Exam is required. Without the exam the Edmonton Denturist is making a best guess regarding treatment instead of gathering proper information. In order to increase the potential to successfully treat a denture patient, the denturist needs to have a clear “picture” of what oral conditions need to be considered when crafting the denture. The General Oral and Denture Exam is a comprehensive examination of the mouth, head, neck, and temporal mandibular joint (TMJ). It is broken into categories which include: Extraoral Findings, Intraoral Findings, Pathology, Existing Dentures and an Odontogram which records any findings found in the mouth. It will normally take around 15-20 minutes to complete this exam.

Patients who wear dentures can experience rapid and unexpected changes in their mouths. In order to prevent potential problems that can occur in the future a General Oral and Denture Exam should be completed by a denturist on an annual basis. Contact Burnham Denture Clinic in Edmonton to make an appointment.

To view the cost of an examination, please visit our Fee Guide Page at the following link: FEE GUIDE LINK.

Limited Exam

A Limited Exam is required only in situations where a patient is experiencing new challenges in a specific area of their mouth that may require further attention and treatment.  In most cases, a specific exam is completed when a denture may require a reline.

To view the cost of a limited exam, please visit our Fee Guide Page at the following link: FEE GUIDE LINK.

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