Complete Dentures are required when a person is missing all of their teeth.  They can be supported by a persons gums, a combination of a persons gums and implants, or they can be fully supported by implants.  At Burnham Denture Clinic we are able to provide our patients with any type of Complete Denture, which include:  Standard Complete Dentures, Premium Complete Dentures, Complex Complete Dentures and Implant Supported or Retained Dentures.  The difference between these dentures are the quality of denture materials and teeth used, the processes used to make the dentures and whether they are supported by a denture patients gums or implants.  All dentures will restore a denture patients ability to chew food again, however, due to the quality of the denture components, certain options are better than others.  Although there may be only be minor differences in how your dentures will look, the real difference is how they will fit, feel, function and wear over the lifespan of the denture.


Love your Complete Dentures at Burnham Denture Clinic Edmonton

Standard Complete Dentures are a good, entry level denture. In most clinics the quality of materials and processes used to fabricate the dentures are inferior to Premium or Complex Dentures. However, at Burnham Denture Clinic the only difference (except when related to the Complex Denture) all materials are equal in quality, EXCEPT for the type of teeth that are used.

A Standard Complete Denture uses standard teeth. Standard Denture teeth have limited mould and shade selection and are made of a softer material. Therefore, teeth used in a Standard Denture will wear faster which means they will have to be replaced sooner. It also means that the teeth don’t look as “real” and don’t “chew” as well.

Standard Complete Dentures are also made using alginate impressions.  They are bulky and don’t always capture the essential anatomy of a denture patient’s mouth.  Although they usually fit comfortably, they generally require more adjustments due to soreness or discomfort in the mouth.  Despite the fit, they should still function acceptably.  In general, Standard Complete Dentures should be relined every 2-3 years and replaced about every 3-5 years. We rarely recommend Standard Denture treatment to our patients.



Premium Teeth – Burnham Denture Clinic

Premium Complete Dentures are still an entry level option, but they are better than the Standard Complete Denture.  All of the materials and procedures used to make a Premium Denture are the same as a Standard Denture, except for the teeth that are used. Premium Teeth are used when fabricating a Premium Complete Denture.  Premium Teeth have more moulds and shades to select from which means they provide a more natural look to your smile. Most importantly, teeth used in Premium Complete Dentures are made from harder materials, so they will last longer and “chew” better. Premium Complete Dentures should be relined every 2-3 years and replaced about every 5-7 years.



Premium Dentures at Burnham Denture Clinic Edmonton

Complex Complete Dentures are the best tissue or gum supported denture available. They include the superior materials and teeth used in Premium Dentures, but include some important differences in procedures and equipment used to make your denture. While Standard and Premium Complete Dentures are made using physiological averages, different processes are used for Complex Complete Dentures, which allow for the fabrication of dentures that have a customized fit and function specific to the patient.

Complex Complete Dentures require more appointments with the Denturist and more lab time to complete the process.  The goal with Complex Complete Dentures is to have a finished set of dentures that fit, feel and function as precisely and accurately as possible. The precision is achieved through a process of taking additional impressions, called final impressions, and recording how a patient’s jaw moves.



The absolute best type of complete dentures a patient can receive are Implant Supported or Implant Retained Dentures.  For more information, please follow this link on the Burnham Denture Clinic Website:  Implant Supported Dentures

If you are unsure about what type of denture would be most suitable for your needs, just give us a call and we will set up a time for a Free Consultation.