At Burnham Denture Clinic, we can provide a selection of partial denture treatment options to suit your needs.

A Removable Partial Denture can be made for patients who are missing some of their natural teeth and would like to be able to fully function.  At Burnham Denture Clinic, our Denture Specialists will be able to assess a denture patients needs and provide a partial denture that will restore function and close those gaps in your mouth.


Love your Flipper Partial Denture at Burnham Denture Clinic Edmonton

A Flipper Partial Denture is considered to be a temporary option to missing one or more teeth in the upper mouth until a better solution can be found. They are great to fill a gap due to a missing tooth or to help a patient’s mouth heal until a long-term solution has been developed. Only in rare instances is a Flipper Partial Denture made to fit the lower mouth.

In general, a Flipper Partial Denture should not be worn for longer than a year. Doing so may result in unintended damage to the mouth and remaining teeth.

Although a Flipper Partial Denture will provide a solution to a problem, they are not a long-term solution. They are not well supported and can cause substantial damage to a patient’s remaining teeth and gums. If you have been wearing a Flipper Partial for a long period of time you should make an appointment for a check up as soon as possible to discuss a long-term solution.



Love your Partial Denture at Burnham Denture Clinic Edmonton.

This is the most common type of Partial Denture. It is comprised of a metal framework and held in place using a clasp assembly system that provides the denture with stability and retention in the mouth. The clasp assembly holds the denture in place while still allowing the patient to remove the partial denture when needed. A correctly designed Removable Partial Denture provides the greatest amount of protection and support to the remaining teeth without causing damage to them or surrounding tissues.

As with most dentures, relines are required on Partial Dentures every 2-3 years and replacement should be considered every 5 years on average.

At Burnham Denture Clinic, we offer the Removable Partial Denture with Metal Framework with Standard, Premium or Complex options. For more information on these options, please view our Complete Dentures.

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