At Burnham Denture Clinic in Edmonton, we offer Free Consultations to help you determine if your dentures should be replaced, the denture teeth reset or the denture relined.

Why Should You Replace Your Dentures?

Our Edmonton Denturists see a lot of patients who have been wearing dentures far past their expiry date. At Burnham Denture Clinic and we value our patient's health and will take the time help patients understand the need to replace old dentures. Some patients don't seem too concerned about their worn out dentures, but as dentures age they need to be replaced.

The first reason old, worn dentures should be replaced is because as the face, jaw and oral tissues change the dentures do not. Although dentures can be relined to help adapt to these changes, dentures should only be relined 1-2 times. Every time a denture is relined they increase in thickness and weight, which can lead to other problems as time goes on.

Another reason a denture should be considered for replacement is tooth wear. Denture teeth are made from plastic and will wear out over time. The longevity of denture teeth will depend on the grade of teeth used along, how hard a patient chews and what is being eaten . Poor grade teeth are made from a softer acrylic and will wear faster than a higher grade tooth made from a plastic composite material. Whatever type of denture teeth, they will eventually wear out. Flat denture teeth will change the position of a patients jaw, decrease the bite force and ability to chew and change how a patient looks an smiles. The biggest concern with tooth wear is the possibility of developing a TMJ disorder.

At Burnham Denture Clinic in Edmonton we invite our denture patients to return to the clinic for a complimentary annual checkup. During this appointment our Edmonton Denturists will be able to assess if any type of denture treatment is required, including replacing old dentures with new dentures.

Here are some of the signs indicating that your dentures should be checked for replacement:

  • sore and irritated gums
  • problems with chewing certain foods, indigestion problems
  • nausea and gagging
  • thinning lips, sagging mouth, a change in facial features
  • the dentures are loose, falling out when speaking or laughing
  • the denture is discolored or has an odor
  • softening of the tissues in the mouth
  • headaches, neck, or ear pain
  • bone (ridge) loss (shrinking of the gums)
  • your denture is kept in your pocket most of the time

If you think that your dentures may need to be relined or replaced, contact Burnham Denture Clinic in Edmonton to make an appointment for a free consultation.

The Cost of Replacement Dentures

At Burnham Denture Clinic in Edmonton we follow the fee guide recommended by the College of Alberta Denturists.

If you are interested in the cost to replace your Partial Dentures, please visit the Partial Dentures Page.

If you are interested in the cost to replace your Complete Dentures, please visit the Complete Dentures Page.

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