Are you dentures feeling loose or unstable?  After tooth loss, the patient’s gums begin to shrink due to the fact that they no longer have teeth to support the bone.  This process is called resorption (shrinking), and will continue throughout the rest of a denture patient’s life. Unfortunately, dentures do not adapt to the gums as they shrink.  This leads to dentures that are loose, unstable and cause discomfort. This can make it difficult to eat, speak and function in general.

For most patients, a reline is required every 2-3 years after a new denture has been made.  Even if you “think” you dentures are still fitting and functioning “perfectly” it is advised that all denture patients see a denturist to evaluate if any treatment is necessary or not.   There are basically two options when the gums have shrunk: replace the dentures or reline the dentures. Since the dentures should have a life of about 5 years, it is more economical and prudent to consider getting the dentures relined at the 2-3 year period instead. After the denture has been relined the patient should be able to function again for another 2-3 years, at which the dentures will need to be evaluated again for a reline or new dentures.

If you think you may need a reline, give Burnham Denture Clinic a call to schedule an appointment for a Free Consultation.


The primary material used to make dentures is called acrylic, which is a type of plastic.  Like most things made from plastic cracking and breaking can occur.  Since Burnham Denture Clinic is a full service clinic and lab, we are able to provide a variety of repairs to dentures, whether it be a broken tooth or a cracked dentures, we can help you.  We can complete repairs to cracked or broken dentures, broken denture teeth or adding new denture teeth to partial dentures, among other things.  Most repairs can be completed in about an hour, depending on the extent of the repair.  If your denture needs a repair, give us a call at to make an appointment so we can provide a proper evaluation.